River Voxnan

Voxnan is a forest river in Hälsingland, originating from the area just southwest of Sveg, next to lake Siksjön. River Voxnan is a tributary to river Ljusnan, the upper part of the river is the longest “untouched” river stretch  in the province. The river offers a wide variety of still water, rapids and streams. The Hylströmmen is the largest waterfall in the province (23 m).

A Nature Conservation Area is surrounding the upper part of the river, it stretches from Rullbo downstream to the fall Måndagsfallet in Homna.   Thanks to regular overflows the shores can offer a rich flora with many different and rare species of plants.  Also otter and a small population of fresh water mussels can be found in the river. In the surrounding forest lives moose, bears and wolves.

The upper Voxnan flows in the valley Voxnadalen, a 120 km long valley on the border between the provinces Dalarna and Hälsingland, along the east border towards Orsa Finnmark. On its journey down to the outflow in river Ljusnan, just south of Bollnäs, Voxnan flows through the villages Voxna,  Edsbyn, Ovanåker and Alfta.

Many stream stretches have been restored back to its origin after the log driving period, when the streams was converted into long smooth floating channels. The restoration program have also included a restoration of many spawning grounds, to help the fish to self reproduce.

Pike and perch are to be found in the whole stretch of the river, but are mainly caught in the lakes and the slow flowing beats. Also whitefish are caught, especially in the northern lakes. Grayling and trout are caught in whole stretch of the river, but fishing for grayling is best in the southern parts and the fishing for trout is best in the northern parts of the river. The river also have a population of eel.

Fishing worthy tributaries: Björnån, Håvaån, Jättån, Loån, Svartån, Västerhåcklan (Västerhocklan), these waters have populations of brown trout and in some of them grayling.


Stretch from Mjösjön to Hylen
Stretch from Hylen to Homna

Finnmarkens FVO, www.finnmarken.info/
Loos-Hamra FVO, www.loos-hamrafiske.se/
Alfta FVOF, www.alftafvof.se
Bollnäs FVF, http://www.bollnasfvf.se/

Stretch from Mjösjön to Hylen, stretch from Hylen to Homna

The stretch from Mjösjön to Hylen is located in Ljusdal municipality. The stretch is divided between two FVO’s; Finnmarkens FVO and Loos-Hamra FVO. Fishing permits can be bought in the following villages: Los, Hamra and in Rullbo.

The stretch from Hylen to Homna is located in Ovanåkers municipality. The stretch is divided between two FVO’s. Fishing permits can be bought in the following villages: Voxna, Voxnabruk and in Lövriset. A camping site is located in Voxna. The FVO have built some windshields along the stretch where you can cook your food on a campfire or just relax for a bit.

Fishing permits are sold at several places along the river:
Loos Wärdshus (Inn)
Hamra Conference- & Outdoor centre
A fishing permit vending machine is placed  in the Church village (Kyrkbyn).