River Sörälven

Tributary to river Österdalälven. Originates from lake Storbosjön just before the Norwegian border. Here you can fish for brown trout, white fish, pike, perch and grayling.

Very nice fishing waters that offer a varied fishing, both in calm flowing stretches, and faster streaming areas.

There are many tarns and  mountain lakes available near by. Nice fishing for perch and pike in many of the pools, lakes and tarns.

Fishing water is administered by Särna-Idre FVOF

Fishing permit for the river are sold on multiple places in Idre, Särna, Foskros, Älvdalen. Online sales handled by www.fiskekort.se

Suggestions on good fishing spots in river Sörälven:

The stretch west of Idre. See mark 1. on area map. Road 70 from Idre, gravel road on the south side of the river approx. 2 km from Idre. This road runs along a stretch of the river. Here is a stretch with nice calm pools between more rapid beats. Many big rocks out in the water creates nice feeding places for the fish.

The rapid stretch between Storhån and Hösthån just north of Nattjärn west of Höstsätern village. See mark 2. on area map.

Other great stretches: mark 3. and 4. on area map.

Fishing permits can be bought in Idre tourist bureau and in many of the accommodation/lodging possibilities in the region.

Airport nearby: Idre