River Mörrumsån

A 185 km long river, originates from the Småland high country. Tributary to lake   Helgasjön and lake Åsnen. Flows out into the bay of  Pukaviksbukten in the province of Blekinge at Elleholm 7 km west of Karlshamn. Fishing in river Mörrum are mentioned in Swedish litterature as early as year 1231 in King Valdemar II:s “jordebok”. Organised sportfishing in the river started 1941. A few year earlier the fishermen Sven O Hallman got the permission to explore the sportfishing possibilities in the river, and since this went well, a initiative to create this sportfishing paradise was started in 1941. The fishing for Salmon and seatrout are taking place at the stretch from the flow out into the sea at Ellehom and 25 km northwards.  The 18 km upper beat of this stretch is private and are not accessible for the public. Fishing permits for the remaining 7 km long stretch are sold by Kronolaxfiske (Krono Salmon Fishing) in Mörrum.

Species: salmon, sea trout, perch, pike, eel, roach, ide, whitefish, crayfish and others, in total 24 different species.

Fishing areas:

Mörrums Krono Salmon Fishing
Vittskövle, right next to pool 32
Knaggalid, located upstream Åkeholm
Härnäs, located between Hovmansbygd and Hemsjö
Olssons Fishing Stretch

Mörrums Krono Salmon Fishing, (Mörrums Kronolaxfiske)

For info and reservations of fishing permits contact:
Mörrums Kronolaxfiske
Box 26
375 21 Mörrum
Phone: (0)454-50123
E-mail: morrum@sveaskog.se

“Laxens hus” (House of Salmon) was build in 1992, located at pool 1. Here is the Sportfishing office located. A permanent exhibition on sportfishing in river Mörrumsån from 1940 to the modern sportfishing today are shown here. Also a exhibition on the life of the Salmon and sea trout are displayed, with stream aquariums. At the bottom floor have they build in windows below the rivers water surface making it possible to look straight in to the river from the side. If you are lucky you can get a glimpse of a swimming Salmon or sea trout heading for the spawning areas.

Connected to the “Laxens hus” is there a restaurant located, where the fishermen can get a nice meal or just a cup of coffee.

The first 7 km long stretch is divided into 32 pools. Many of the pools have their own names.

Fishing (2018) is allowed from last 17th of March to September 30th.
Map of the stretch.

Since 2005 there are four more stretches to fish, all located up stream pool 32. These are:

  • Vittskövle, right next to pool 32
  • Ekeberg, just south of Svängsta. 800 meter long stretch of the west side of the river. Good fishing early of the season.
  • Knaggalid, located upstream Åkeholm
  • Härnäs, located between Hovmansbygd and Hemsjö

Fishing permit prices (2018): prices varies from 1200 SEK – 500 SEK depending on time of season.

If you will be sure of getting a permit it is recommendable to call and reserve a permit in good time before your fishing trip

At the start of the season mostly sea trout are caught, at the end of April are the first silvery Salmon caught. The really big Salmon are caught during the following two month. During July to August a large numbers of Grilse  appear in the river. In August to September the big sea trout rises.

In 1994 was a Salmon caught with flyfishing equipment, it weighed 26,7 kilograms. It is still the biggest Salmon ever caught in this river. The biggest sea trout caught in this river weighed 14,7 kilograms.

In 1998 there were caught 782 salmon and 802 sea trout. The biggest salmon weighed 20,7 kg. The biggest salmon caught on flyrod weighed 19,9 kg (caught in pool 24). The biggest sea trout caught weighed 13 kg. The average weight for all caught salmon in 1998 was 8,2 kg and for sea trout 5,0 kg.

Catch statistics 2013

Check out the regulations when visiting the river, they can vary from one year to another. Only traditional fly- and spinfishing are allowed. Bait, as worms, shrimps, bread are forbidden. Also fishing with spin dobs (floating) and fishing from boats are forbidden. The stretch are divides in flyfishing pools and spinfishing pools, some pools are mixed. But the rules are that even if there are no flyfishermen in a flyfishing pool it is not permitted to spinfish here and vice verse. Minimum size for caught Salmon and sea trout are 500 mm. All kept Salmon and sea trout shall be weighed and measured at the sportfishing office the same day they are caught.

To recommend equipment are difficult because preferences vary between fishermen some prefere two-handed rods and some prefere single-hand rods. At the early spring fishing the two handed rods are common, usually a 12-14 feet long rod class 10-12 with a lot of backing (200 m). Later at summer and in the fall, many fishermen uses single-handed rods. In general terms; at normal water levels it is more than enough to use a single-handed 9 feet long rod class 7-9. Leader thickness; 0,30mm – 0,45mm when fishing for seatrout and when fishing for Salmon it can be a good idea to use up to 0,50mm.

Fly suggestions: Ullsock, Chillimps, Red Sandy, Silver Grey, Durham Ranger, Thunder and Lightning and Brown Bomber. Flies dominating in red are very popular in river Mörrumsån.

When spin fishing; most fishermen uses a  double-handed 8,5-10 feet long rod equipped with  0,35 mm-0,45 mm line

Lure suggestion: Toby lure, Mörrumsspinnare, Myrspinnare, Reflexspinnare and also many use flies when spin fishing (tube flies)

Fl= flyfishing only
Sp= spinfishing only
Fl, Sp= combined  flyfishing/spinfishing pool

Since 2017 there is app available with all imaginable detailed fishing information for the river. Download from Google Play, Apple App Store.

Mörrumsåns FVOF Ebbemåla – Åmma 

This streatch is located just at the border to Småland, south of Fridafors. 4 km long fishing streatch, divided in to 9 pools, where 5 is well suited for fly fishing. Besides salmon and sea trout you can also fish for brown trout.

Fishing area in managed by “Mörrumsåns Fiskevårdsområdesförening Ebbemåla – Åmma” 

Fishing permit: Limited number of permits are sold 28/3-5/4 and 12/9-27/9. During rest of season (6/4-6/9) ordinary day permits are sold.

Fishing season 2012: 28/3-30/9.

Fishing methods: Both spin- and fly fishing is allowed. 

For more info visit: http://www.morrumsansfvo.se.

Olssons Fishing Stretch

Private stretch on the east sida of river Mörrumsån. Located just south of Svängsta.

For more info visit site: http://www.laxlyckan.se.