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Furusund Värdshus

Furusund Värdshus

Nearest fishing: Stockholm archipelago

Furusund Värdshus

In the northern parts of the Stockholm archipelago, you find this inn and conference center, guest harbor and restaurant. Here, next to the busy fairway, you can enjoy astonishing views, personable service as well as fantastic food and drinks. The restaurant shares the building with our four star hotel where you can get a good night’s sleep right next to the ocean. We have 16 rooms in the hotel and four rooms in “The Little Customs House”.

Furusund Värdshus

If you wish to relax a little before dinner, we recommend you see our jacuzzi and wood fire sauna! Furusund is steeped in history, and there are lots of walking paths to explore.

In May 2017 we reopened the inn after extensive renovations. It is now run by restauranteur couple Malin Jönsson and David Mattsson. Together with their staff, they want to promote Fusurund as a destination! They were included in the 2017 White Guide, and their standards on the food, drinks and service are set high.

Furusund is easy to get to, whether by boat, bus or car!

Furusund Värdshus
Furusunds Strandväg 2
760 19 Furusund Ph.nr: +46 (0)176-803 44
E-mail: info@furusundvardshus.se Website

Furusund Värdshus
Furusund Värdshus
Furusund Värdshus
Furusund Värdshus


Fredriksborg Hotel

Fredriksborg Hotel

Nearest fishing: Stockholm archipelago

Fredriksborg Hotel

Fredriksborg Hotel is located right next to the awe-inspiring Fredriksborg fortress, with fantastic views over the gateway to Stockholm with cruise ships passing by the dozen in summer. The fortress can be used as backdrop for conferences, weddings as well as parties. There are even guided tours for visitors, even if you’re not staying the night.

Fredriksborg Hotel

The Fredriksborg fortress
was finished in 1735 and at the time Europe’s greatest stronghold, comprising of the massive tower flanked by two turrets and with further fortifications for close combat down by the water. A lot of the original greatness is preserved, and today you can both wander among the historical buildings as well as read up on their fascinating history. Fredriksborg was over long periods of time crucial for defending the capital and with it the country. The site is listed for its historical significance.

Fredriksborg Hotel

Even if you’re not staying the night, you are welcome to start your day with a nice breakfast, have lunch or enjoy your dinner in this idyllic location. The hotel is equipped with a terrace overlooking the water, a conservatory and a garden. There’s even a jetty if you’re arriving by boat. For events, weddings et c, we can provide you with a tent should the weather call for it. You can rent the fortress, the jetty, the conservatory or even the whole compound for a nominal fee.

Fredriksborg Hotel

The hotel is itself a charming, newly refurbished 18th century building, with a total of 15 individually decorated rooms med stunning views, including one suite. Some rooms have bathtubs and patios overlooking the water.

The hotel is receiving good reviews on Booking and TripAdvisor among others, and is perfect if you’re looking for a homely atmosphere, good food and accommodating service in a peaceful setting. Since the hotel is located on the mainland, you can easily get here by car in 30 minutes from Stockholm. In the summer you can even get here by boat from Vaxholm, from where you also can bring your car on the two ferries via Rindö.

Fredriksborg Hotel

Fredriksborg Hotel
Fredriksborgsvägen 17
139 90 Värmdö
Ph.nr: +46 (0)8 541 380 50
info@fredriksborghotel.se Website

Grinda Wärdshus (Inn, hotel, hostel, holiday village)

Fishing close by: Stockholm archipelago

From Spring to Fall, summer to winter you are always welcome.

Grinda Wärdshus

Visiting Grinda is like coming to a place where the world stands still. Located just one hour from central Stockholm, you’ll find yourself as far as possible from the madding crowd. Only one thing exists here. The greatest peace and quiet.

Grinda Inn, Hotel & Conference
Offer hotell accommodation and restaurant. We serve high class food with first class service and all come with stunning sea view

Grinda Wärdshus

Grinda Hostel
Located by the sea. There are lovely beaches here, beautiful walks and marvellous meadows for sports and games, as well as a sauna. The Youth Hostel has 44 beds in two and four bedrooms and a large kitchen for self-catering.

Grinda Holiday Village
There are 27 cottages just a stone´s throw away from the sea. The cottages have two, four and six beds and are all equipped with a refrigator (with freezing compartment) and cooker with an oven. In the area are many taps for water, showers, dry toilets and sauna.

Grinda Wärdshus

Grinda Gästham
The Guest Harbour,  holds about 100 boats. Our Harbour staff will help you with your mooring and provide any further information you may need about the island and our services. Harbour guests have access to electricity, internet, showers, toilets, garbage and septic tank emptying facilities. We rent out Kayaks and fishing guides can take you to the best fishing spots.

General Store and Café. Besides providing all the essentials for life onboard as well as groceries for your summer house, we also has freshly baked bread, cinnamon buns, muffins. Also sandwiches, salads and basic lunches, to eat here or take away. We also offer catering for small or large social gatherings.

Grinda Wärdshus
Södra bryggan, Grinda
SE-185 99 Vaxholm
Phone: +46 (0)8 54249491


Elfsala Gästgård

Nearest fishing: Stockholm archipelago

Elfsala Gästgård

Elfsala Gästgård is a decently sized, traditionally built archipelago homestead originally built in 1760, situated a mere 15 meters from the water on a fantastic waterfront property, equipped with a large jetty and sauna, in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago. The newly renovated house used to be an inn, and still is a rare piece of Swedish archipelago culture.

Elfsala Gästgård

The house is located in peaceful archipelago surroundings, and lets you enjoy a bit of amazing R&R. The inn is ideal for fishing trips, or just staying the night after a long day of traveling with family and friends.

The house has 8 rooms and a total of 170 sq m with several common rooms, some with fireplaces, 8 beds in four double rooms with shower and toilet as well as a fully equipped modern kitchen.

Elfsala Gästgård

The interior design is influenced by Swedish 18th century and Gustavian styles mixed with classic Swedish design. Every room has a view of the water and the location guarantees and experience out of the ordinary. The house was acquired in 2005, and has undergone a complete overhaul to meet high standards and has been set up especially for housing vacationing crowds as well as family gatherings and other events. All with a sense of privacy in a picturesque cultural setting.

Elfsala Gästgård

We arrange guided fishing trips or deep sea fishing med our partnering guides at Catch & Relax, or you can go fishing by yourself using our own boat. You can also just cast from our jetty.

Give us a call or visit our website for more info.

Elfsala Gästgård

Elfsala Gästgård
Fagerdala Brygga
Fagerdalavägen 165
139 56 Värmdö
Ph.nr: +46 (0)706-313520


Fyrväpplingen Sportfishing Camp

Fishing close by: Fyrväpplingen Sportfiske

Rainbow from Fyrväpplinge Sportfiske

A complete Sportfishing Camp. 1 hour drive from Stockholm. Fishing, lodging and conference facilities. Lodging in cabins and at the camping ground. Fishing in Put&Take lakes for rainbow, trout and brook trout. Also fishing in lakes for perch, pike and pikeperch.

In connection with the sports fishery office there is a camping site for tents and caravans. The campsite is divided into 6 different grass green areas. 16 electr. pitches. The campsite’s service house contains 3 wc, 2 showers and sinks for the dishes.

Our cabin Rangelbol is located separately from the campsite. It maintains modern standards. Large kitchen with wood burning stove. Detached sauna house. Large lilac garden with patio furniture and grills. Please bring your own bedding or sleeping bag.

Cabin at Fyrväpplingen Fiskecamp

The Lillstugan cabin has 8 beds, divided into two rooms. Large kitchen with wood burning stove. Running cold water, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove top and misc. housewares. Access to the camping’s service house with toilets and showers (60 m). Please bring your own bedding.

Cabin Siggehusen has 4 beds, refrigerator, stove top and misc. housewares. Access to the camping service center (50 m) with toilets, showers and storage room. Please bring your own bedding.

Siggehusen, cottage at Fyrväpplingen Sportfiskecamp

Fish in our Put & Take waters after rainbow, trout and brook trout. But also fishing in natural populated lakes with perch, pike and pikeperch (zander).

Go for fishing conference with colleagues or customers. Let’s together customize an event that’s right for you. Stay and meet in one of our cabins. We arrange the food. Fish in your own forest tarn. We arrange transportation, fishing gear and will gladly assist you with fishing and grilling of your own caught fishes, etc.

Fyrväpplingen AB
SE-740 12 Knutby
Phone: (0)174 60042
Mobile: (0)70 3423425 (no reservation by phone)


Älvkarleby Hostel

Fishing close by: Dalälven, Dalälven Älvkarleby

Welcome to Älvkarleby Hostel

When staying at us you wake up close to nature and surrounded by water. River Dalälven flows right next door and offers one of Sweden’s best salmon fishing. In the nearby large lakes that are connected to river Dalälven there is a very good fishing on both pike and pikeperch (zander).

We offer accommodation in:

Underofficer Villa and Officer Villa

Underofficer Villa with 30 bed seats:
4 single room
4 rooms with 2 beds
3 rooms with 4 beds
1 rooms with 6 beds (dogs allowed here).

Officer Villa with 30 bed seats:
Sweetie, for 2 persons, with shower and WC. Bed linnen, breakfast and cleaning included)
5 rooms with 4 beds
1 rooms with 8 beds

In the garden there is space for play and games. Kubb, boule and Rounders equipment are available at the café. Do you want to barbeque and eat outdoors there are barbeques to borrow. Take a stroll around the island of Laxön. There are artists, craftsmen, ceramics, cafés, restaurants, second hand markets, exhibitions, military museum and Stig Dagerman room.

At Café Furiren you can enjoy a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee together with homemade coffee cakes, cakes and pastries. Also offered a large selection of tasty, sandwiches or maybe a piece of salmon pie. We sell beer and wine. Café Furiren can provide you with picknick packages for the excursion or fishing trip. You can choose either coffee cakes or sandwiches. Just call us and order!

Located near us are Furuvik Park, golf course, fishing, bath in both river and sea, Söderhällsgården, Tierps arena, beautiful hiking areas and Upplands hiking trail.

Parking is free and is close to the houses.

Café Furiren
Laxön 3
SE-814 94 Älvkarleby
Phone: +46(0)26-721 23, Mobile phone: +46(0)70-21 761 98

Contact person: Annette Landberg

Älvkarleby Tourist & Conference Hotel

Fishing close by: Dalälven, Dalälven Älvkarleby

Älvkarleby Turist & Konferens (Hotel)

Beautifully located next to river Dalälven final streams before the river flows out in the sea.

Awarded kitchen. 103 bed seats, 52 rooms. Large conference facilities.

Älvkarleby Tourist and Conference Hotel offers both modern and classical accommodation. Nature and comfort, culture and entertainment – all in a harmonious setting of roaring rapids and fragrant forests

We also offer tailor made fishing packages that include accommodation, food and fishing licenses.

Salmon from Älvkarleby, river Dalälven

Fish in one of Sweden’s best salmon and sea running trout water.

Directly adjacent to the hotel, river Dalälven flows by with rich population of salmon and sea running trout. In Älvkarleby, many salmon and sea trout are caught annually, record for salmon in the river is 27.97 kg! If you want to try to fish for the big fish, then it is Älvkarleby you are going to go.

The sport fishing in Älvkarleby has fishing areas adapted for disable persons, fishing offices, toilet and parking.

Other nearby fish waters also offer varied fishing for perch, zander, trout, grayling and pike.

We can also offer a favourable golf package deal to the Älvkarleby 18 hole golf course.

Älvkarleby Turist & Konferens
SE-81494 Älvkarleby
Phone: (0)26-72620