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Öland på karta över Sverige

Fly Trout Öland – din havsöringsguide på Öland! Full service, guidning, boende, mat m.m.

Grankullavik Fritidsby och Ölands Sportfiskecentrum
Fiskeguidning på och runt norra Öland.

Hälluddens Stugby
Fiskeguidning på och runt norra Öland.

Pelle Klippinge/Spey Cast
Havsöringsfisketurer på Öland och i Kalmarsund.

Fly Trout Öland

Fly Trout Öland

My name is William Kernchen and I offer guided fishing for sea running trout along the island of Öland. I offer everything from guided fishing to ready-made fishing packages with guided tours, accommodation and multi-course dinner.

Fin fiskedag på Öland

I live and breathe for fishing, especially fly fishing for sea trout all day long, I promise to do my utmost to make a trip to remember. All fishing with me is exclusively C / R. The nature experience in itself is considered to be just as valuable as the fish I succeed in catching.

To fish for 10-12 hours requires energy, so I always cook food at my trips, and after all for many summer holidays at my parents’ restaurant and hotel business, I’m just as good to tie a shrimp for the trout to cook for my guests in the field!

I am educated at Sport Fishing Academy in Forshaga, Värmland.

Fin havsöring från Öland

To make reservation: Easiest is to send me an email, tell me what you want to do with your stay. I then look over the calendar and send a proposal. If you want accommodation and multi course dinners we will provide that as well. The more information I have about your wishes, the easier I have to put together the best possible offer for your experience at Öland.

Welcome to contact me!

Hulterstad 110
SE-38662 Mörbylånga
Phone: +46 (0)730832444