Tour boats, Charter boats

There are a lot of (fishing) charter boats in Sweden. They make regular tours out to sea and on our great lakes. Skillful skippers offer their guests a nice fishing trip. They can, just by their knowledge of the local fishing, practically guarantee their guests will catch a lot of fish. Many of the boats are serving food and beverages. You can also rent fishing equipment and get guidance.

Tour boat fishing can be found in these locations:

Fishing guides with charter boats can also be found in the index of fishing guides.

Trolling Fishing Charter can be found in the index of fishing guides.


Fladen Fishing Tours with Clipper – Varberg

Fladen Fishing Tours with Clipper

Experienced skippers take you out to Fladen 8h, Lilla Middelgrund 5h and other longer fishing tours.

We offer best available fishing equipment for rent. Safety west to all onboard. 

Our boat Clipper is certified for max. 40 passengers. 

For more info visit our webiste or if you are in Varberg visit our Elbe shop in the harbour. 

Our skippers; Pontus Bengtsson, Carsten Kjeldsen & Allan Dantoft welcome you to fantastic fishing.

For reservation call: +46 (0)340-12179 or +46 (0)340-13015 or +46 (0)707-460007


M/S Amigo – Barsebäck



M/S Vandia och M/S Tärnö – Helsingborg, Råå

Welcome to one of Sweden’s best sea fishing areas; ÖRESUND and two of Sweden’s most popular tour boats M/S Vandia and M/S Tärnö.

We run fishing trips each day from Helsingborg North Harbor and organizes all types of charter tours such as office parties, Denmark tours, clay pigeon shooting and guided tours.

Do you have any suggestions we can handle that too. Light refreshments such as beer, soft drinks, hot dogs and coffee is always on board.

If you want something extra on you boat trip just ask and we will do our best to provide it.

M/S Vandia

M/S Vandia:

Has 11 bunk beds and in the ship’s kitchen you can cook your own food. The boat fits both common tourfishing and custom charters.

On board are serving hot dogs, coffee, soda, candy, etc., and the rental of fishing gear.

M/S Tärnö

M/S Tärnö: tourfishing and charter. On board are serving hot dogs, coffee, soda, candy, etc.

We also have rental of fishing gear.

Contact info:
Niklas Nielsen
Phone: +46 (0)706 926571
Thomas Nilsson Vandia
Phone: +46 (0)703-809544


Råå Boats (Svalandia Fishing tours)

M/F Islandia, Confident, Siam

Departure from Råå harbour, just south Helsingborg all year round. (No departures on Midsummer Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day).

Fishing schedule 2014 (can be change during the season): Visit our website for detailed info

Other days and times according to premade arrangement or charter reservations. Accommodation and lodging in Råå harbour can be arranged.

Islandia, tour fishing boat

Also angling fishing on boat Islandia (cod and flat fish) 8.00-14.00 Maximum 25 pers, only by reservation.

We sell or rent all necesarry fishing equipment.

Contact person: Thomas Lövström
For more info and reservation:
Mobile: (0)70-2010088 or  (0)70-2010083



Landskrona Boats

Welcome to the best fishing waters in Sweden.

We depart from harbour in Landskrona from where we reach the fishing depths surrounding island Ven in mid Öresund in only 20 minutes.

Depending on time of year we fish for cod, herring, mackerel and different flat fish species.

Landskrona Boats

Our boat the M/S Emma is a big roomy boat with a lot of space on fishing deck.

Bellow deck we serve coffee, sodas, hotdogs and sweets.

With a skilful, experienced crew you will have the best chances to catch big.

M/S Linda, fastest tourfishing boat, with room for more than 12 passengers, in Sweden

You can also rent or buy all necessary equipment needed for the fishing.

Landskrona Boats

Check our daily updated catch reports

Call or visit our website for more info on prices and tour time list.

Contact: Peter (skipper)
Phone: +46 (0)760-391040

M/S Tumlaren – Malmö, Limhamn



Daisy Charter Fishing – Hjuvik (Gothenburg)

Departure from Hjuviksbrygga

Äventyr & Tång/Marine Events Fisketurer

Äventyr & Tång/Marine Events Fisketurer – Hönö

Fishing trips and diving adventures

Just a stone’s throw from the sea and two from Gothenburg, you will find parts of Sweden’s finest archipelago that offer great diving and fishing!

Äventyr & Tång/Marine Events Fisketurer

Äventyr & Tång located at Hönö can put your boat with different orientations. With 17 years in the industry, we take you out to the finest locations for diving as well as to find seals and to fish for mackerel. Among our special liters, we can offer wreck fishing in Denmark or our popular lobster fishery in the autumn.

Wreck fishing to Denmark, departuring from Hönö Island in Archipelago of Gothenburg. Wreck fishing is a exciting and fun type of sea fishing. Around the wreck a lot of fish is gathered and you do not have to wait long for a bite. We provide you with all necesarry equipment. We fish for Cod, Bleak, Lobster, Pollock, Coalfish, Ling, Wolffish, Dogfish, Tusk and lot of other species. 7-8 hour tours.

Mackerel Fishing with Brasill – Hönö Öckerö Daily mackerel fishing trips from June to September. Take the family on an exciting boat ride.

Äventyr & Tång/Marine Events Fisketurer

Lobster Safari with Brasill-Hönö Klåva Join us on a thrilling lobster fishing for sea’s black gold of the boat Brasill!

Contact info:
Äventyr & Tång/Marine Events Fisketurer
Hemvärnsvägen 2
475 42 Hönö
Phone: +46+(0)31-969994. Mobile: +46(0)707-176655

Oberon Seafishing – Lysekil

Departure from Lysekil.


Sportfishing Guide Tomas Henriksson – Stockholm Archipelago

Sportfishing Guide Tomas Henriksson, big pike

Sportfishing in the archipelago of Studsvik/Trosa allt the way to archipelago of Stockholm and also fishing in lake Mälaren.

Welcome to a fishing adventure and outdoor experience in the archipelago or on Lake Mälaren.

We provide all fishing equipment, safety gear, coffee and a food with a lake view if you wish.

We adapt the fisheries on what is the hottest of the season, but above all your wishes. Trolling for pikeperch on a warm Spring / summer day, spin fishing big perch in the late summer / autumn or why not hunt for the pike, good fishing in all seasons (with CATCH WARRANTY).

I have business licence and all the permissions required , ie Deck Officer Class 8.

Both small and large groups are welcome. Maximum 4-5 persons per boat. For larger groups I arrange with more fishing guides / boats. Both corporate events and individuals are welcome.

Sportfishing Guide Tomas Henriksson with his Anytec 622 SPF

I can also arrange good / basic accommodation (with conference facilities) near several good fishing waters.

For more info you can reach med by phone: +46 (0)70-915 44 56 or e-mail:

You can also find more info about me and my services on my website:

Catch & Relax

Catch & Relax – Stockholm Archipelago

All kinds of guided boat fishing in the Stockholm archipelago. Our main fishing spots are around Vaxholm and Värtan, but we offer fishing all over the archipelago and Lake Mälaren. We also offer boat tours, boat excursions, explore Stockholm from the sea. Picnic trips out into the fantastic Stockholm archipelago.

Sun, wind and water – a way to relax, a way of living, a way of being and enjoy life. Catch & Relax want to get these feelings across to our guests.

Our motto is that our guests shall get to experience the best of Stockholm’s wonderful archipelago up close, an experience a bit out of the ordinary.

Our boats
We use larger, American sportfishing boats with great comfort. Three of our five bouts are equipped with toilet.

Fishing 320 Open
Fishing 320 Open

Fishing 320 Open – our flagship! Over 10 m and 700 hp. Onboard toilet, fridge and other amenities. Up to 6 fishing guests.

Sea Pro 24 Bay (2) – perfect for flyfishing. Up to 5 fishing guests (3 when flyfishing). Perfect for “close combat”, extremely large surfaces to fish from.

Sea Pro 24 Bay
Sea Pro 24 Bay red
Sea Pro 24 Bay
Sea Pro 24 Bay blue

7,21×2,69 m. 4 stroke 225 hp silent motor. When fishing we use an electic motor. We have two identical boats!

Boston Whaler 200 Dauntless – A slightly ”smaller”, very styrdy boat bult for sportfishing with a 4-stroke- and an electric motor. 6,10 m long, 2,59 m wide, 2 to 4 people fishing comfortably. Can be transported on a trailer.

Boston Whaler 15 Dauntless – this one can also be transported on a trailer, 4,80 m x 2,10 m sturdy boat large enough for 2 – 4 fishing guests. Well equipped like all our boats.

Read more about all our arrangements on our website:

Contact info:
Catch &  Relax
Stegesundsvägen 63
SE-185 99 Vaxholm
Phone: +46 8 54491320
Mobile: +46 70 5560952