Lake Ellenösjön / Lake Östersjön

Lakes in south west Dalsland. River Valboån runs through the lake Ellenösjön. Both lakes are directly connected to each other through a narrow sound. The lakes are located inside Färgelanda municipal area. The fishing for pikeperch in these lakes are very well known as excellent among fishermen in Sweden. Also nice ice fishing at winter.

Managed by Ellenösjöns – Östersjön FVO

Fish species: Perch, bream, chub, pikeperch (zander), ide, pike, char, burbot, roach, tench, eel.

Permit prices(2005):
Day permit 30 SEK
Week permit 60 SEK

Permits are sold at:
Preem Gas station in Färgelanda. 
STF Youth Hostel in Dagsholm.
Sundbrons Boat and Canoe rental

Fishing rules:

Minimum size, Pikeperch 40 cm.

Good parking at Sundsbron between lake Ellenösjön and lake Östersjön. Here can you also launch your boat.