Producers of fishing equipment, list of links

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List of links:

Abel Reels reels

ABU Garcia reels, rods and more

Accurate reels, gaffs

ACTION PLASTICS rubber bait, jigs and more

Adventure Hardware storage, bags, clothing

AFTCO MFG. CO. INC (American Fishing Tackle Company), rod making components

AHREX Hooks, hooks

Airflo, fly lines

Aitor Knives knives

All Star Rods rod maker

Alumacraft, aluminium boats

Alutecnos fly fishing gear, reels, rods, rod components

Alvey Reels reels, rods

American Tackle Company rod making products

American Traders wood canoes

ARCA (Arca-Bifa) rods, reels, storage, floats and more.

ArcticSilver, Norwegian fly rod maker, reels and lines

Arne Mason storage, rod cases, reel cases, rod tubes, leather products.

Artflies fly tying, salmon flies

Apell T&B, jerkbait, handmade bait, wobblers

Ashima hooks, lines, tippets

Atlantic Salmon Flies Jerome F. Molloy, salmon flies


, life vests
Bauer Fly Reels, fly reels

Bella Boats boats (Finnish website)

Bellinger reel seats, reels

Berkley (part of Pure Fishing) rods, lines, bait and more

Bidoz maker of fly tying material.

Big Jon trolling products, accessories

BioEdge Fishing Products, scents

Biwaa Fishing Performance bait maker

Black Diamond Equipment flashlights, headlamps, climbing gear, skiing gear, tents and more

Blakemore Lures bait

Bloke Fly Rods rod maker

Blue Fox bait

Blutbombette angling gear, scents, groundbait

Boyd Rod Company (Harry Boyd Jr.) splitcane rods

Breakaway Tackle rods, lines, accessories

Broadbill Custom Lures

Brodin Landing Nets

Brusletto knives

Bullet Weights weights, accessories

Buster aluminium boats

Cabela’s reels, rods, reseller and maker

Caddis Manufacturing Inc. float tubes

Caesar Lures handmade bait

Calmbaits, handmade bait

Cal’s reel conversions „reel trimmers“

Calstar Rods rod maker

CampTrails backpacks, bags, accessories

Cannon trolling gear

Carlisle canoe and kayak accessories, paddles, oars

Carlos Santos Rods, splitcane rods

Carl Anderberg splitcane rod maker.

Carpsounder angling, strike indicators, alarms

Cascade Crest Tools fly tying tools, ass. synthetic tying materials

CD Rods (Composite Developments) rod maker

C&D Trading Inc cork manufacturing

Centrix tippet dispenser made by Swiss flyfisher Markus Rohrbach.

C.F. Burkheimer fly rod maker

C&F Design, storage, fly boxes, bags

Charles H. Demarest, Inc cane-, bamboo stock

Charlton Reels fly reels

Chattahoochee River Rod Company splitcane rods

Chevalier clothing, shoes

Chota Outdoor Gear, fishing jackets, canoeing equipment, shoes, gloves, waders, clothing.

Chub Fishing reels, rods and more

Classic Fly Fishing reels handmade fly reels, Georg Lundwall

Climax linor, tippet material and more

Coleman camping gear, coolers, propane equipment and more

Colmic rod maker, reels, floats and other angling gear.

Columbia Sportswear Company clothing

Cortland lines, rods, rod making products, rod tubes and more

Creek Company pontoon boats, floating tubes, storage, flyfishing gear.

Crystal River fly tying

CTS Fishing (Composite Tube Systems Limited) rod maker, New Zealand.

Culprit Baits bait, jigs

the Dahlström fly, Peter Dahlström, handmade bait, flies

Daiichi hook maker


DAM reels, rods, lines and more

Dan Craft Enterprises rod maker

Danielsson Fly Reel fly reel maker

Danner shoes, boots

DGF tillverkar fly reels

D.H. Thompson fly tying tools, material.

Diamondback Rods rod maker

Dick Nite Spoons bait, bait paint

Doyle Shads and Scraps, handmade rubber bait

Dragon Alliance glasses, sunglasses

Dr. Slick fly tying tools

Dyna-King fly tying tools, vises, accessories

Eagle Claw hook

Eagle Electronics boating electronics

Eastfield Lures, bait and rods

E.F. Payne Rods splitcane and carbon fibre, fly reels.

Eka knives


Emanuelson Reels handmade fly reels

Emotion Kayaks

Engelbrekt Reels & Rods

Eppinger Manufacturing lures, bait  

Esox Gear, bait

Eureka tents

Everol Reels

Ewing Hackle fly tying material

Evinrude motors

Falkfish lures, wobblers

Falcon Rods

Fauna Outdoor gear for fishing, hunting and hiking

Fender, rods

Fenwick (part of Pure Fishing) rods, reels, lines and more

Ferry Diske floats, dobbers

FiBE AB live bait wholesale

Filson shoes, clothing

Fin-Nor rods, reels, accessories


Fishbites, bait, jigs, scents

Fishpond bags, storage

Fish Stix Rods

Fjällräven clothing, tents, shoes, bags and more

FKP-GEAR rods, bait, bags and more

Fladen Fishing rods, reels and more

Flambeau Products storage

Flexlite Useful lighting solutions flies

Fly fisherman, rods

Flymen Fishing Company fly tying gear, Nymph-Head™, Fish-Skull™, FireBug, Forage Fly™.

Fly-Rite Inc. fly tying materials, -tools, landing nets

Fogelsta boat trailers

Fox rods, angling, specimen products, strike alarms

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Frödin Flies. fly tier Mikael Frödin

Fuji Tackle rod making, rings, handles and more

Fulling Mill, flies, fly tying and more

Fällkniven knives

Gabriele Gori, Italian splitcane rodbuilder

Galeon boats

Galvan Fly Reels

Gamakatsu hooks, rods.

Gapen Fishing rods, reels, bait and more

Garbolino rod maker

Garmin boating- and fishing electronics

Gatti rods, fly reels

Gearkeeper landing nets, wading staffs and more

Geoff Andersson fishingwear

Gibbs/Nortac Lures bait, lures.

Glacier Glove gloves, waders, clothing

Gladsax Fiske, makers of the Gladsax lure.

G. Loomis rods, fly reels

Gnaga Lures handmade bait

Golden Witch Technologies rod making components, tools, reels.

GORE-TEX clothing

Green River Flyrods

Greys rods, reels, clothing and more

Gruffdraget, handmade lures

Grundéns, rain clothes, shirts, pants, jackets, hats, bags and more

Guideline rods, reels, lines

GUNKI rods, reels, bait, storage and more

Gäddgapet handmade and -painted lures and bait

Hagen’s rod making, tongs, bait, lures and more

Haglöfs clothing, tents, backpacks, bags, shoes, sleeping bags

Halo Fishing,

Hanson’s Rods rod making

Hardy rod making, reels, lines and more

Harvest Tackle, fly rods, fly boxes, cork handles, bamboo rods;, splitcane rods

Hatch Outdoors, fly reels, lines, tippet cutters, tongs, fly boxes

Hayabusa Fishing Hooks hook maker

Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co splitcane maker

Hedron Inc. synthetic fly tying materials.

Helén Kensby, professional fly tier

Helle knives

Helly Hansen clothing
Hends Products fly tying materials

Henschel Reels fly reels

Hexagraph Fly Rod Company

Hexastyle Bamboo Rod Makers

Hi Level fly rods, reels

Hilleberg tents

H.L. Leonard Rod Company splitcane

Hobie Kayaks plastic kayaks

Hodgman clothing, waders, wading shoes and more

HoldZit tool holders, holsters

Holme Baits, handmade bait such as cranks, jerks and more

Honda Marin USA Honda Marin Sweden motors

Honda (USA), Honda (Sweden)

Hopkins and Holloway rod making products from brands like Seymo.

Horizon Bluewater Lures bait, bait products, lures

Humminbird boating- and fishing electronics

ICROSS®, small, floating platform you fish from

Imago Flyfishing fly fishing products, waders, jackets, floating tubes and more

ILBA lures

ILLEX bait maker

Islander Reels fly reels

Isosteel, thermoses, mugs

J:sonSweden fly tying materials, specialising in realistic flies

Jack Wolfskin clothing, backpacks, tents and more

James Lock & Company Ltd hats

Jan-Ove Appelgren Wood Art arts and crafts, fish replicas

Jaxon rods, reels, lines, bait and more

J.D. Wagner splitcane rods

Jenzza-Lures, handmade and -painted lures made of wood and rubber

Jerry Vegas, handmade lures

Jetboil camping stoves

Jim Grandt Custom Rods

Jim Teeny fly lines, tippet materials and more

J. Miles Custom Rods

Johan Stenevad knife maker

Joe E. Arguello Rod Company splitcane

Johnson Fishing reels, bait, lures

Johnson Outdoors Inc boats, canoes, kayaks, motors, clothing and misc. hiking gear

Joslin’s Bamboo Rods splitcane

JRC, specimen, angling (Pure Fishing)

JW Bamboo Flyrods splitcane

JW Lures, handmade lures

J.W. Young & Sons (Fishing Reels) Limited  fly reels, angling reels

Kabåten (Plast & Pulka AB), manufacturer of plastic products

Kane Klassics rod making, splitcane, graphite/carbon fibre, flies.

Karlsson Knives Tony Karsson, knife maker.

KeepAlive aerators, oxygen pumps, accessories

Kilwell Manufacturing Ltd rod making components

Kinetic rods, reels, lines, bait, clothing, waders and more

Knoll’s Yellowstone Hackle fly tying materials, hackle

Kreinik fly tying materials, threading – metal, natural and synthetic

Kristal Fishing rods, reels for deep sea fishing, trolling, big game fishing.

KUMHO hooks

LaCrosse shoes, boots, waders, rain clothes

Lamiglas rods, fly reels

Lamson (Waterworks) fly reels.

Lasebo live bait, magotts, worms etc.

Lav-MD lures, spinning reels, lines, accessories

LAW Products, Lawrence A. Waldron fly reels, tying vises

Leatherman Tool multitools

Leech, eyewear

Leeda reels

Lenz Optics, sunglasses

Len Thompson Lures bait, lures

Lew’s spinning- and baitcast reels, rod making

L.H.Design splitcane rods, fly reels

Light my fire of Sweden, camping gear

Lineaeffe rods, reels, landing nets, hooks and more

Lilla Åsa Snickeri fly storage

Linder aluminium boats, canoes, fishing gear, line baskets

Linsnätet, mosquito nets with glasses

Loon Outdoors fly fishing and -tying accessories, chemicals

Loop Tackle Design fly reels, rod making, fly fishing accessories

Lorents Marinprodukter (LMP), trolling equipment

Lowrance Electronics boating- and fishing electronics

Lundhags shoes, boats, clothes, backpacks

Lunker City bait, jigs

Lurefishing, ChangZhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co, lures and more

Lureimprover remodeling, trimming, bait- and lure improvement

Lurenet bait, lures, spinners, wobblers

Magellan GPS devices

MAG-LITE flashlights

Mankanpirken lures, ice fishing

March Brown rods

Marc Petitjean flies, rods, fly fishing accessories

Masterline lines

MATZUO, lures, spinners, hooks

Maxima lines, tippet materials

Maynard’s Tackle bait, lures

McLean, landing nets

MegaStrike Fishing Productsbait, jigs, scents

Megoff Fly Reels fly reels

Mepps bait, lures, spinners.

Mercury motors

Mieko Fishing wobblers

MILO rods, reels, angling gear, accessories

Minn Kota motors, electric motors

Mitchell rods, reels, lines and more

Mizmo bait, jigs

Monic lines, chemicals, tippet materials


Mora of Sweden, (Morakniv)knives, ice augers

Mustad hooks

Musto clothing, wader jackets and more

Mälaren Lures, handmade

Navman boating- and navigation electronics.

Nash Tackle (Kevin Nash) carp fishing accessories

Native Watercraft, boats and kayaks

Nautilus Fly Reels

Naval boating electronics

Nikon (USA) binoculars, cameras

Nils Master bait, lures

Nokian boats

Normark fishing gear

Norsker fly rods

NRS, Northwest River Supplies canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, accessories, camping gear.

Nucanoe canoes, kayaks, boats

Ocean Kayak

Okuma rods, reels (Europe)

Ola Lures, rubber lures

Oldberg, handmade fly fishing nets.

Old Town Canoe canoes, kayaks, accessories

Omnispool, line storage systems

Ono Custom Rods

Optilabs eyewear

Optimus camping stoves

Orvis rods, reels, lines and more

Outcast Sporting Gear floating tubes, pontoon boats, accessories

Pacific Eagle Enterprises neoprene waders

Pacific Fly Group flies, vests, landing nets and more

Panther Martin Lures bait, lures, spinners

Partridge of Redditch hook maker

Patagonia clothing

Peerless Reel Co fly reels

Penn Fishing Tackle rods, reels, trolling accessories

Pe Pe Flyfishing rod making, fly tying

Peux Fly Reels fly reels (Switzerland).

PETZL flashlights, hedlamps

Pezon & Michel
rods, reels, bait, storage and more (classic cane rod maker)

Pflueger reels, rod making

Phoenix Lines fly lines, silk lines.

Plano Molding Company storage

Plastica Panaro storage, boxes, bags and more

Plast & Pulka AB plastics manufacturer

Platil lines

P-line lines

Pool 12 rods, reels

POWERBOOTS Original, boots

Powell & Co rods

PowerPro lines

Precision Pak kayaking accessories, bags and more

Predatek Fishing Lures lures, wobblers

Primus, camping gear, cookwares

Professor Bodkin clothing, hats and more

PROLOGIC angling gear, landing nets, lines, rods, clothing, hooks

Pure Fishing all kinds of fishing gear

Quantum reels, rods

Rainbow Exports fishing accessories, angling

Rapala lures, wobblers, knives, rods, hooks, lines

Raymarine Products boating- and fishing electronics

REC Components rod making products

Redbone Rods

Redington rods, reels, flyfishing accessories, lines, waders and more

Reef Runner wobblers

Reel Colors reel customizing

Renzetti fly tying tools, rod making tools

Richardson Chest Fly Box Company fly boxes

Richard Wheatley fly storage

Richworth bait, groundbait products

Rick’s Rods rods

RIGRAP lure storage and more

RIO Products lines

RIVE specimen accessories, angling, chairs, storage, fishing stations

R.L.Winston Rods rods, splitcane, carbon fibre, fly reels.

Robert Cochrane, Custom Leather Sporting Cases, leather craftsman, rod cases, reel cases and more

Rodmounts, rod holders

Rolf Ahlkvist professional fly tier

Rolf Baginski
splitcane rods

Roman Moser fly lines, tippet materials, fly rods, fly tying materials

Rosco lures.

Rose Creek landing net accessories, fly boxes, line holders

Ross Reels fly reels (

Royal Wulff Products fly lines, tippets

RST rods, fly reels, rod making products

Rosemount International maker of fly tying- and fishing tools, clamps, tongs, scissors, line cutters, m.m.

Russett Rods splitcane

Ryds Båtar boats

Sage rods, fly reels, lines.

Samakfiske, flyfishing products, rods, reels, lines and more

Sameo rods, reels, lines, tippet materials, fly tying materials and more

Savage Gear lures, bait, wobblers and more

Scandica, boats

Sensas groundbait, angling gear

South Bend (Sporting Goods) sportfishing equipment

Scandinavian Split Cane rod makers Mats Öberg, Stefan Broms, Anders Öberg

SCANLURE trolling accessories

Scientific Anglers lines, reels, rods, floating tubes and more

Scierra Fly Fishing clothing, rods, reels, lines, waders and more

Scott Fly Rod Company

Scotty Fishing, Marine and Outdoor Products trolling- and boating accessories rubber boats, -canoes

Seaguar Lines lines

Seamaster fly reels, rods

Seeker Fishing Rods

Sensas groundbait, bait products, angling gear

Shakespeare (England) rods, reels (Pure Fishing)

Sharpe’s of Aberdeen rods, fly reels

Shenandoah Rods splitcane

Shimano rods, reels, accessories

Silstar rods, reels

Silva compasses, GPS accessories, binoculars and more

Siman Ltd fly tying materials, tools, rods

Simms waders, shoes, clothing

Simrad boating- and fishing electronics

Smith Creek, fly holders, net holders, rod holders

SMHAEN, fly tying tools, spindle holders

Smith Optics, eyewear

Snake Brand line guides

Snowbee rods, reels, clothing, storage, waders

SOG knives, multitools

South Bend Sporting Goods rods, reels, accessories

Spinwal bait locks, jig tippets

Spiderknives. Roland Strömberg, knife maker

Spinoza Rod Companysplitcane

SPRO reels, rods, accessories

STARBAITS groundbait, scents, boilies, specimen gear

St. Croix Rods

Stenzel fly reels, fly tying materials

Stonfo angling accessories, storage and more

StormLures lures, bait, jigs

STORMSURE, mending products for boots, rubber, neoprene and more

Stren lines, jigs

Struble (Glenn Struble) rod making components

Stutzman Hells Canyon Custom Rods

Sufix, lines, tippet materials

Sunread, sunglasses

Sunrise International fly tying materials and -tools

Suspenz Kayak Storage

Suzuki motors, rubber boats

Svenska Träkanoter wood canoes and paddles, workshops

Svensk Fiskefilm fishing film production

Sølvkroken A/S bait, lures and more

Talon graphite rods

Tasmanian Devil lures

TeknoNaturknives, multitools

Terhi boats

Teton Fly Reels

Thermos thermal food- and beverage containers

Thomas Rod Company (F.E. Thomas) splitcane

Thomas & Thomas rods, fly reels

Tibor Reels

Titan Products clothing

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths rods, fly reels, rod making tools

Top Brass Tackle bait, lures, accessories, weights, sinkers and moore.

Torqeedo, electric motors

Trabucco Fishing rods, reels, angling products and more

Trangia camping stoves

TRAPER fishing gear, scents, rods, reels, lines, clothing and more

Tretorn shoes, boots

Trout Hunter, lines, tippet materials

TS-Lures, handmade lures

Tubertini rods, reels, floats and more

Turral, flies, hooks

Tweed Fishing, handmade landing nets and paddles

T.V. Tyr fly tying furniture

Tyfon fly reels

Tyneside Leathercrafts Ltd storage, leather rod cases/tubes

U-40 rod making products, glue, epoxy and more

ULM-Lures, handmade lures

Umpqua Feather Merchants fly tying materials, accessories

UMS Boats

Uncle Josh, groundbait, scents

UNI Products fly tying materials, binding thread, tinsel, tools, storage

Uniqum fly reels

Waide Lures handmade lures

Valentine Fly Reels fly reels

Walker Downriggers trolling equipment

Van Staal reels, tongs, storage

Vassvikens Lures, handmade lures

Water Wolf, underwater cameras

Waterworks-Lamson (Waterworks) fly reels.

Vector Marine boats

Versitex rods, lines

Vespe angling products

Whiting Farms, Inc. hackle

Victorinox knives, multitools

WFT (World Fishing Tackle) sportfishing products

Wiggler bait, lures, storage

Wigston’s Lures


Willy Lures

ViM Fiskeprodukter ice fishing

Witchcraft Tape Products tape for lures

VMC , (VMC USA) hooks

Wolfcreek Lures

Wolfgang von Malottke salmon flies

Volvo Penta motors

W.W. Grigg rods, reels and more

Yakima Bait Company bait, lures, spinners

Yamaha boats, rubber boats, motors

Yamarin boats

Yo-Zuri lures, wobblers

Zalt lures, wobblers

Zebco rods, reels

Zeiss binoculars

Zimsen fly rods, fly lines

Zodiac rubber boats